Dance Lessons (18 weeks)       $30 / Person
Classes begin with two "Lead Instructors" demonstrating that night's dance step in the center of the dance floor.  Students are paired with an instructor, they walk through each step, and then dance with their instructor to one song.  When the song ends, instructors rotate to the next student and the process is repeated.  This allows each student the opportunity to dance with several different instructors every night.  When instruction time is over, music is played and students are free to "try out" the new step with their significant other or ask an instructor for additional assistance.

After 6 weeks of instruction, the student makes a decision to either repeat the class or move on to the next level.

Membership (6 Months)            $20 / Person

After the initial 18 weeks are completed, students can renew their membership for a mere $20 every 6 months.  All members are welcome to attend any of the dance classes as often as they like.  We only ask that members limit themselves to one class per night.

Cover Charge           $5 / Person




     Class Schedule      
Line Dance   7:00 -  7:20 pm
Beginner   7:25 -  7:45 pm
Intermediate   7:48 -  8:08 pm
Advance   8:11 -  8:31 pm
Advance Technique   8:32 -  8:45 pm
Music by Jake or
Mary Grace

Alternating Wednesdays
  8:45 - 10:15 pm

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